Saturday, December 20, 2014


Nyt taitaa täytyä klikata kuvaa, että näkee tämänaamuisen lahjan Petran kalenterista. Oli aivan pakko tempaista se heti seinälle. Ihana! Ihan huippu.

I think you need to click the picture to see this morning's gift as Blogger leaves the right edge of the square photos out and it's there on the wall. I just had to hang it right away. It's wonderful. I have these in real life too, a small one in the kitchen for any old small stuff, one for thread and one for miniatures. I'm soooo happy with this one.


Saila said...

Ihana lokerikko! Muutenkin kaunista ja viihtyisää.

Daydreamer said...

What a beautiful gift! Your little kitchen is so utterly charming! I think I could live just like that!
Happy Holidays to you!

elvira said...

Hi ..!! I'm a new follower :)
You are a wonderful blog ..!!!!
Compliments ..!!
Merry Christmas ..!!